Streamline the code review process — for yourself and the reviewer Photo by Roman Synkevych on Unsplash You’re sitting looking at the pull-request (PR) creation page, have you done everything you can to make the PR a

Pick the right one for you Photo by Dennis Kummer on Unsplash. In the modern era, everyone expects their data the second it’s updated (if not somehow magically before the data occurs). Large corporations and Fortune 500

A learning path from junior to senior Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash. Every software engineer progresses over time. Their programming skills get better and more solid solutions are shipped. At some point, developers start looking for

Is there one cloud IDE that is better than all the rest? At this time, no. Each tool has its own strengths, and depending on your circumstances, any given cloud IDE may or may not be the

OPINIONATED Remember them, and you’ll create better software Image by . I’ll just cut right to the chase. No introduction needed. Look at this method WithdrawMoney(string accountIban, decimal amount). In a (European) financial system, you’re dealing with