Encapsulation Program in Java Encapsulation program in Java demonstrates the technique to bind methods and fields in a single unit. The term encapsulation is inspired by the word ‘capsule’, which is made up of different varieties of

Abstract Class Program in Java Abstraction is a technique by which a developer hides the implementation details from the user and shows only the functionality.It is not only confined to the programming. In the real-world also abstraction

Inheritance Program in Java Inheritance is one of the important pillars of Object-Oriented Programming that facilitates parent-child relationships in programming. Using inheritance, we can create a new class with the help of an existing class. This newly

Array Programs in Java: An array is a data structure that stores similar elements in a contiguous memory location. In Java, an array is an object that stores the same kind of elements. Arrays in Java are

There are three classic ways to iterate with language-integrated keywords: for Enhanced for (Java 5+) while/do-while The for loop A for loop is defined in the docs as: for (; ; ) { …} The three expressions

Constructor Program in Java In Java, a constructor is a piece of code that is used to create an object. A constructor is called implicitly when an object is created in Java using the new keyword. A

The recursion program in Java demonstrates the usage of recursion. The process by which a function/ method calls itself, again and again, is called recursion. Each recursive call is pushed to the stack. The function/ method upon

public class MatrixMultiplication { public static void main(String argvs[]) {                // first input matrix                int[][] arr1 = { { 12, 3, 4 }, { 51, 23, 31 }, { 5, 6, 7 } };

String Programs in Java: In Java, a String is an immutable object that represents a sequence of characters. For example, “Tutorial” is a string that consists of 8 characters: ‘T’, ‘u’, ‘t’, ‘o’, ‘r’, ‘i’, ‘a’, ‘l’.

Classes and Objects in Java Example Programs Java is an Object-Oriented programming language, i.e., everything in Java is associated with objects and objects are associated with classes. The classes and objects in Java examples programs teach us

Perfect Number Program in Java A perfect number is a number whose sum of all the factors, excluding the number itself, is equal to the number. For example, 28 is a perfect number. This is because all

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