Full form of KYC: For all Indian financial institutions, banks, and other financial organizations, getting to know their customers is not just a good business practice, it is also a legal and regulatory requirement mandated by RBI.

Full form of UPI: India is stepping into digitalization with various mediums and reformations to turn the nation into a cashless economy. One such digital succession commenced in India with the initiation of UPI. Thereby UPI is

Full Form of OTT Digitization has shaped the consumer behavior of storing, accessing, and using the data. With the invention of the latest technology named OTT, it has become flexible to interact and gain entertainment services with

ICICI Full Form We have heard about so many banks and their financial and banking services. ICICI Bank is one such multinational bank that provides good banking and financial services. The registered office of ICICI bank is

MCA Full Form Many of us go for several degrees that provide us with good job opportunities and individual development. There are many courses available from which we can choose to make a promising career out of

NABARD Full Form Many of us have often come across the term NABARD. Almost all of us majorly use it as an abbreviation. But none of us know the full form of the term. NABARD stands for

LPG Full Form We have heard about LPG a lot. We use it and we have heard about many projects announced by the Government on providing LPG cylinders to the families below the poverty line. These people

MRI Full Form: Many of us have undergone the MRI scan for several purposes. Doctors also prescribe the MRI scan to have a clear picture of what the patient is suffering from. But what does MRI stand

Full form of NEFT: A majority of Indian population encounters the term NEFT while initiating payments through online banking services. Yet, most of them are still not aware of its full form. The full form of the

LCD Full Form Whenever we go to buy some electronic gadgets, we come across terms like LCD and LED. But what do they mean? For instance, we know that both are a form of television but do

IFSC Full Form What is IFSC? And what is the importance of the IFSC Code? Many of us know that the IFSC code is required by the banks for transaction purposes. But do we know the exact

KGF Full Form KGF is a mining arena that is located in Karnataka. Well, KGF stands for Kolar Gold Field which is a mining area in Kolar District. The headquarters for the same lay in Robertsonpet. Kolar