C++ grows very fast! For example, the number of pages of the C++ standard went from 879 pages for C++98/03 to 1834 for C++20! Nearly 1000 pages! What’s more, with each revision of C++, we get several

We’re on the last day of the lambda week. We have all the essential knowledge, and now we can learn some tricks! The Series This blog post is a part of the series on lambdas: The syntax

We’re in the third day of the lambda week. So far, you’ve learned basic syntax and how to capture things. Another important aspect is that lambdas can also be used in the “generic” scenarios. This is especially

We’re in the second day of the lambda week. Today you’ll learn about the options you have when you want to capture things from the external scope. Local variables, global, static, variadic packs, this pointer… what’s possible

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finished the work on the latest update for C++ Lambda Story! This makes the book complete now, and I can finally set its status to 100%! Read on to see the