The fifth generation of computers is by far the most successful generation of computers. In this generation, there have been significant changes in computer technology that make computers extraordinary. Although the fifth generation is in progress, computers

As technology grows, development gets better with more advantages, reducing the disadvantages to the maximum extent. The fourth generation of computers was a progressive version of the third generation of computers. This eventually added more benefits to

With the third generation of computers, the development of computers was further enhanced and innovations were obtained. Continued development made third-generation computers more superior to second-generation computers. This article discusses about the third generation of computers, its

The development of computers began in the first generation, but there were some problems such as size, speed, reliability, and more. All these problems drove development forward and aimed to minimize such issues to the maximum extent.

The first generation of computers refers to the early stages of computer development. This generation is the beginning of computer technology that gained further progress to make computers more powerful and smaller.  Although new innovations have added