What are Indexed Files? The indexed files are those files in which the organization is always indexed, and the access is done using key values. These files use alphanumeric characters as the key, and the key must

ITERATION AND LOOPING In some cases, when we want an operation to continuously repeat again and again repetitively instead of musing commands multiple times, we can use Looping and Iteration.  For example, it becomes easy for a

CONDITIONAL PROCESSING Conditional processing means finding a solution between two given scenarios. suppose we have to distinguish or choose between two different options available, in order to deal with this situation COBOL have provided us with conditional

FILE HANDLING IN COBOL Files are used in Cobol to store data in the form of a disk or tape. Files are divided into records. Further, each record is divided into fields, .and lastly, these fields contain

What is String Operation? a string is a combination of characters they can be either Literal constants or any type of variables. moreover, string allows the user to manipulate its length, count, etc A STRING CAN HAVE

COBOL Internal Representation of Data Sometimes we need to display some records and data directly from SQL database, and also have to use the derived data in certain programs as per the requirements. COBOL provides us various

COBOL ARRAYS Instead of defining the same type of data multiple times that may fall under the same category or group, COBOL provides us with a powerful function called as array. To optimize the usage and property