C++ Object Class Overview: C++ is a high-level programming language and an object-oriented programming language. An object-oriented language always has some properties of classes and objects. In this article, we would be looking forward to discussing object

C++ Math Functions: Like other programming languages, C++ offers plenty of mathematical functions needed for various purposes. These functions are defined mainly in the math library in C++. Let us look at multiple categories to understand multiple

C++ Enumeration In C++, Enum is a special data type that contains some fixed sets of components that have various applications in the programming. Enum works fine with fixed constant sets where the sets me of various

C++ Aggregation Definition: In C++, aggregation is a process in which one class (as an entity reference) defines another class. It provides another way to reuse the class. It represents a HAS-A relationship association, or it has

C++ provides a powerful feature called template, which allows the definition of generic classes and generic functions. Generic programming is a technique where different algorithms work in communion by using generic parameters. There are commonly two ways

sizeof() Operators in C++ The sizeof() operator in C++ defines the size of variables, constants, or data types. It is a unique operator that manipulates other operators and returns the size of the variables or constants in

Definition: A function pointer in C++ is the same as a usual pointer which is used to point some variables. Function pointers are used to point functions or say store the address of a function. A function

Definition: In C++, a multimap is similar to a map with the additional concept, where multiple elements possess the same keys. It is also not necessary that the key values and mapped values must be unique. The

Priority Queue in C++ Introduction: We have already come across Queues by concluding that they are linear data structures that follow FIFO (First-In-First-Out) approach. We had also discussed the syntax of queues and the operations associated with

There are plenty of programming paradigms that are closely associated with the implementations of code and simulate them into a proper functional one. This is done with the help of some important functions which are present in

C++ Bitset Overview In C++, bitset represents a fixed-sequence of some bits values by either 0 and 1. Zero represents the value as false or unset, while 1 represents the value as true or set. To create