There are three classic ways to iterate with language-integrated keywords: for Enhanced for (Java 5+) while/do-while The for loop A for loop is defined in the docs as: for (; ; ) { …} The three expressions

Combine the power of data binding with architecture components Photo by Marissa&Eric on Unsplash. This is the beginning of a series in which you’ll learn about data binding basics and how to use data binding with architecture

Use the powerful Android framework in your Windows app Photo by the author. Until now, we’ve only seen Jetpack Compose in Android development. Today, we’re entering a new phase, as JetBrains announced an early-access version of IntelliJ

Create better-structured views Photo by Matt Reames on Unsplash. Flutter views represent the interface presented to the user. They provide interaction and allow the users to feel the essence of the application. Unfortunately, Flutter views are also

To test and run your Dart codes, you can use the online DartPad directly in your browser. Basically, Dart is known as a statically typed language, and it has four primitive data types, which are String, int,

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