Introduction to Serverless Golang with OpenFaaS

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I was joined by Taylor Dolezal for this live stream and was surprised to learn that Taylor has not only tried OpenFaaS before, but used it in two jobs – including at Disney.

After the intro, we talk a bit about Go features like testing and newer features like generics, before going into a bit of a deep dive coding session, building up functions from scratch in Golang.

Notes: Kubernetes is not strictly required, the new faasd project means you can run openfaas on any VM or even a Raspberry Pi at a very low cost. We also mention how the functions built can be deployed to Google Cloud Run due to the way they use a HTTP server as their contract.

Hope you enjoy this, and checkout the previous post to the sub if you haven’t yet.

The eBook focused on Node.js, but I write tonnes of Go (for OpenFaaS itself and other use-cases) so it was nice to focus on Go for a change.