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PICAXE ┬ÁController Solutions: 28X2 reentry and 18M2 breach w/AXE-091 Wiring Diagrams and Programs – email proceeds toward download one and all files.

PICAXE ┬ÁController Solutions: 28X2 module and 18M2 chip w/AXE-091 Wiring Diagrams and Programs – email receipt to download all files. The book allows any person that has no previous experience with microcontrollers, electronics, mechanics or programming to learn how common sensors, motors and other devices are used for animatronics or robotics using images, photographs, links … Continue reading

NASA Authoritative Drawings & Diagrams away from the Manned 3-D Concert

NASA Technical Drawings & Diagrams from the Manned Space Program This book is a collection of drawings and technical diagrams from the familiarization reference manuals used by the astronauts. This series of diagrams should be especially interesting and useful for modelers and other space enthusiasts who want to see “blueprints” of various U.S. piloted spacecraft. … Continue reading