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Organize Judgement: Methods and Event Studies, 7th Library edition

Program Evaluation: Methods and Case Studies, 7th Edition Comprehensive yet accessible, this book provides a practical introduction to the skills, attitudes, and methods required to assess the worth and value of human services offered in public and private organizations in a wide range of fields. Readers are introduced to the need for such activities, the … Continue reading

Disney Falseness Organizer Immortal (Mensch Instance) All hands Ages

Disney Magic Artist Classic (Jewel Case) All Ages painting play Disney Magic Artist Classic (Jewel Case) All AgesDisney’s Magic Artist Classic is a fun way to draw and paint on your computer. It’s easy to create your own works of art with watercolors, markers, crayons, and more. Go crazy and spray your drawings with ladybugs, … Continue reading

A Ocean in point of Dinosaurs 3 CD-ROM Driftage (Lady Rheumatic)

A World of Dinosaurs 3 CD-ROM Set (Jewel Case) A World of Dinosaurs combines a fun kids game, an educational CD-ROM about dinosaurs, and a hands-on arts and science software program into one three-CD-ROM package. I Can Be a Dinosaur Finder is an educational and interactive multimedia game with exciting features and activities to keep … Continue reading

Nancy Drew: Profound secret Referring to The Rufescent Pass on (Nonesuch Hermit) – PC

Nancy Drew: Secret Of The Scarlet Hand (Jewel Case) – PC Play as Nancy Drew and take on a museum internship as deputy curator Prepare a museum exhibit; solve a mysterious series of thefts Learn about ancient Mayan culture and artifacts Ride the D.C. subway; travel to the Mexican Consulate; visit a hospital Immersive graphics … Continue reading

Flexowriter typewriter Belgian hare Kindergarten Tour de force (Mensch Matter in hand)

Reader Rabbit Kindergarten Classic (Jewel Case) Reader Rabbit Kindergarten – Learning Creations Bounce around with Reader Rabbit& learn important Kindergarten skillsProduct InformationPut on your jumping shoes and bounce your way through this FUNtastic learningadventure with Reader Rabbit!  Filled with colorful characters and exciting places Balloon Town is more funthan you can imagine. There’s just one … Continue reading


LEARN MICKEY KINDERGARTEN (Jewel Case) ESRB: Kids Various difficulty levels Includes learning activities, but its focus is more on fun. This is an enjoyable interactive experience with the computer and increasing familiarity with computer basics. Includes the “Active Leveling Advantage” system which automatically increases the difficulty level of activities after a certain number of consecutively … Continue reading