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2010 alarm signal AOP (Setting in motion Doom HomeSchooling Proseminar), Switched from Schoolhouse 9TH GRADE, (Cool off 9) Proficiency

2010 SOS AOP (Alpha Omega HomeSchooling Curriculum), Switched on Schoolhouse 9TH GRADE, (Grade 9) Science Fully-automated course Topics covered are: Volume, Mass, and Density; Physical Geology; Historical Geology; Oceanography; Astronomy Self-pacing lessons Additional innovative topics include body health, as well as science in tomorrow “Our Atomic World!SOS 9th Grade Science enables your student to tap … Continue reading

2010 storm cone AOP (Opening Death HomeSchooling),Switched whereat Schoolhouse Spanish 1

2010 SOS AOP (Alpha Omega HomeSchooling),Switched on Schoolhouse Spanish 1 “Speaking Basic Spanish! With SOS Spanish I, student’s will develop and enhance speaking skills with colorful, creative lessons. Exclusively designed for engagement and interaction, this course for grades 7-12 builds confidence as student’s practice dialogue. Lessons covered are: -We’re Going to Mexico -Personal Information -Flight … Continue reading