Classified ads [Download] Reviews

Classified ads [Download]

Classified ads [Download]

  • Public messaging forums with classifications
  • Operator identification and semi-instant message exchange
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable run-time infrastructure
Classified ads is an easy-to-use rich-text messaging application. Main feature of the program is a public posting that may be further discussed in thread. Additionally operators may exchange messages between each others or privately in groups and public content may be searched using text-based search function. System has been designed to be reliable and easy to install. Please see for more details and installation instructions for more platforms. Classified ads may be used in compliance to LGPL license.

System Requirements:

  • Supported OS:   [Windows 7]
  • Processor:   x86 or compatible
  • RAM:   2 gigabytes minimum
  • Hard Disk:   70 megabytes available space minimum
  • Video Card:   Anything that runs windows

List Price: $ 0.00

Price: $ 0.00

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