Fundamentals of US physical Markets [Download]

Fundamentals of US Capital Markets [Download]

Fundamentals of US Capital Markets [Download]

  • Fully interactive, easy language, comprehensive explanations
  • Suitable for those with no previous knowledge
  • Plenty of animations, videos, examples, illustrations and charts
  • Quizzes and review questions for self assessment
  • Human narration which can be turned on or off

Topic Outline

  1. Introduction
    Welcome To Wall Street | A Quick Glance at the Financial Markets | Popular Financial Instruments
  2. The Stock Market
    The American Stock Market | Stock Indices | Analyst Recommendations | American Depositary Receipts – ADR | Regulating the Stock Trade | Initial Public Offering – IPO
  3. Exchange Traded Funds
    Major Brand Names | Fund Names
  4. The Bond Market
    The Global and American Bond Market | Risks Accompanying Bonds | Corporate Bonds | Government Bonds | Municipal Bonds | Mortgage-Backed Securities
  5. The Players in the Market
    Investment Houses | Infrastructure Companies | Traders
  6. The Mutual Fund Industry
    Advantages of Investing In Mutual Funds | Sorting Funds by Investment Sector | Mutual Fund Fees | Hedge Funds
  7. Real Estate Investment
    REITs – Real Estate Investment Trusts | REIT Indices | The Five Biggest REITs
  8. Structured Financial Products
    Structured Deposits | Structured Bonds | The LIBOR Interest Rate
  9. A Quick Glance at the Derivatives Market
    Options versus Futures | CBOT – The Chicago Board Of Trade
  10. Opening an Investment Account
    Brokers | Account Types | Fees | Protecting Investors

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