Grasp Tracks Professional Improve

Master Tracks Pro Upgrade

Master Tracks Pro Upgrade

  • Upgrade to the latest version of Master Tracks Pro from any previous version. Now you can run Master Tracks on your new computer and open your old files.
  • Master Tracks Pro is a professional MIDI sequencing program for Windows.
  • Record, edit, and play musical compositions on your computer with exceptional ease and accuracy.
  • Play back up to 64 tracks of music with independent track looping.
  • The program’s wealth of powerful features, combined with its easy-to-use interface, have set the standard for MIDI recording with professional musicians, amateurs, and multimedia producers alike.

You will need to be able to provide the serial number from your previous version of Master Tracks Pro. You do not need Master Tracks installed on your computer for this upgrade. -64 tracks with independent track looping -Quickly audition and select sounds for virtually any MIDI synthesizer from Master -Tracks Pro’s editable Device list. List includes General MIDI, and several popular synthesizers. Customize existing lists or create your own. -Assign any controller like volume, reverb, chorus, or pan to any recordable fader for an automated mix down -Step Entry: Input notes in step time with selectable duration, velocity, articulation, and MIDI channel for each note-Looping: Loop any number of tracks independently -Automated Punch-in: Automatically enter and exit record mode at predetermined “punch” points while your sequence plays -SMPTE support: Synchronize your music to film, video, or audiotape -See an accurate display of your sequence’s elapsed time, stored tempo, playback tempo, and current time signature -Big Counter is perfect for monitoring your sequence at a distance -Velocity Window shows every note’s velocity -Graphic note editing: Click and drag with your mouse to change a note’s pitch, duration, or timing -Note Velocity Stems give you visual velocity editing -Event List Editing: Accurately edit note, controller, and time data from an alphanumeric list -Change Filter: Simple, one-step editing of notes by their location, duration, pitch, velocity, or channel -Change note duration, velocity, channel, tempo, or time signature globally or for a specific section -Quantize and Humanize: Tighten up timing errors or loosen robotic, step-entered sequences -Fit Time: Automatically adjust tempos to make any section fit a specified length of time -Snap to Grid allows you to quantize your step entry with a mouse -Song Play List enables you to load and play a whole set list of songs for live performance

List Price: $ 45.99

Price: $ 45.99

Chess King Training Complete Chess Tactics 1-2-3 Combo From Beginner to Grandmaster

Chess King Training Complete Chess Tactics 1-2-3 Combo From Beginner to Grandmaster

  • Chess King Training All 3 CD-ROM Combo Leading Interactive Tactics Programs
  • Tactics 1, 2, 3, – All areas and levels of chess tactics covered
  • For All levels of chess players – From beginners to masters
  • Used by coaches and schools nationwide. Easy to use and control.
  • Can have multiple users profiles, perfect for parents, coaches, teachers

Get all 3 best-selling software Tactics training at a significant discount.

Covers all the chess education needed to become an accomplished tactical player.

Theory and Practice are presented in an easy-to-follow and beautiful interface, that will help you or your kids or students improve at chess fast.

All software programs allow for multiple users (siblings, friends, or students), and individual ELO ratings are calculated for each user individually.

Easy for parents and coaches to follow the progress of their child and students, and also easy to set up practice sessions, with exercises varying in number and/or diffculty.

It’s no wonder the general level of chess is increasing when young players have such powerful tools at their disposal. We expect to see a future world chess champion come out from the ranks of this Chess King Tactics Training package.

The program includes thousands of theoretical examples and practical exercises. The practical exercises require to find one or more winning moves. You get plenty of feedback and opportunity to track your progress. Critical knowledge to increase your understanding of chess. You can choose the number of positions in the tests, as well as the material covered.

Works on all versions of Windows and guaranteed to work also on Mac via Parallels or VMWare Fusion


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hush Ace Deluxe

Music Ace Deluxe

Music Ace Deluxe

  • Carefully designed by music education professionals, it features 36 lessons that introduce all the important musical concepts
  • Let Maestro Max teach you and challenge you while you develop your knowledge of important music concepts and skills
  • Covers all the basics of music theory, rhythm, pitch, note reading, listening, and the keyboard
  • Use the creative Doodle Pad for composing and hearing your own musical creations on the fly
  • Easy-to-use self-paced lessons let you learn at the rate that suits you best, and will track the progress of up to 10 users.

Music Ace Deluxe teaches beginning music lovers the ins and outs of music theory in a fun, interactive manner! Compatible with General MIDI keyboards

List Price: $ 66.99

Price: $ 66.99

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portico to Programming Making use of Visible Primary (tenth Version)

Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic (10th Edition)

Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic (10th Edition)

For courses in Visual Basic Programming 


From the Beginning: A Comprehensive Introduction to Visual Basic Programming

Schneider’s Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic, Tenth Edition brings continued refinement to a textbook praised in the industry since 1991. A favorite for both instructors and students, Visual Basic 2015 is designed for readers with no prior computer programming experience. Schneider introduces a problem-solving strategy early in the book and revisits it throughout allowing you to fully develop logic and reasoning. A broad range of real-world examples, section-ending exercises, case studies and programming projects gives you a more hands-on experience than any other Visual Basic book on the market.


The Tenth Edition keeps the pace with modern programming methodology while incorporating current content and practices. Each chapter is rich yet concise due to to the author’s focus on developing chapters around crucial subjects rather than covering too many topics superficially. The amount and the range of projects provided in the text offer flexibility to adapt the course according to the interests and abilities of the readers. Some programming projects in later chapters can be assigned as end-of-the-semester projects.

Also available with MyProgrammingLab .

MyProgrammingLab is an online learning system designed to engage students and improve results. MyProgrammingLab consists of a set of programming exercises correlated to specific Pearson CS1/Intro to Programming textbooks. Through practice exercises and immediate, personalized feedback, MyProgrammingLab improves the programming competence of beginning students who often struggle with the basic concepts of programming languages.

  • Interactive Practice providesfirst-hand programming experience in an interactive online environment.
  • Error Messages for Incorrect Answers give studentsimmediate personalized feedback. The error messages include both the feedback from the compiler and plain English interpretations of likely causes for the incorrect answer.
  • Step-by-step VideoNote Tutorials enhance the programming concepts presented in your Pearson textbook by allowing students to view the entire problem-solving process outside of the classroom–when they need help the most.
  • Pearson eText gives students access to their textbook anytime, anywhere. In addition to note taking, highlighting, and bookmarking, the Pearson eText offers interactive and sharing features. Rich media options let students watch lecture and example videos as they read or do their homework. Instructors can share their comments or highlights, and students can add their own, creating a tight community of learners in your class.
  • The Pearson eText companion app allows existing subscribers to access their titles on an iPad or Android tablet for either online or offline viewing.
  • Dynamic grading and assessment provide auto-grading of student assignments, saving you time and offering students immediate learning opportunities:
    • A dynamic roster tracks their performance and maintains a record of submissions.
    • The color-coded gradebook gives you a quick glance of your class’ progress. Easily drill down to receive information on a single student’s performance or a specific problem. Gradebook results can be exported to Excel to use with your LMS.

List Price: $ 158.00

Price: $ 133.33

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